What is the origin of Mongolian cuisine?



Mongolian Food and the early Nomads

With a big chunk of the population still clinging to a traditional existence, Mongolia is a country where you can still witness a relatively untouched way of life little changed over centuries. Here are ten interesting facts you might not have known about this incredible country.

Early Mongolian Food Sources

The nomads that live in Mongolia sustain primarily from products that are derived from cattle, sheep, horses, and yaks, which are domesticated. Meat is mostly cooked or used in soups and dumplings. The large percentage of animal fat in Mongolian diets helps the natives to withstand the cold and also work outdoors. 

The milk and cream derived from these animals are used to make diverse beverages, cheese, and other such products.

traditional mongolian food

Food in Mongolia is affected by its extreme continental climate, because of which the diet primarily comprises of meat, dairy products, and animal fats. Spices and vegetables are served but in limitation. Because of the country’s history with China and Russia, the cuisine is influenced but both cultures.


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